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Fermentation temp in secondary?

My question is this… Can I leave a batch out of the chest freezer at room temp(68F) after i rack to secondary or should it be kept at the lower temperature until bottling?

I want to make another batch that requires the use of the chest freezer and temp controller but I don’t want to impact my current batch.

Is the temperature mostly important during primary or both primary and secondary?

Primary is the most important by the time it goes into the secondary the yeast has done it’s job and all your doing is letting it finish cleaning up.

The temp is always important but keeping it under 72 deg it will be fine just make sure you keep it out of the light.

I forgot to ask if it was an ale which I just assumed or a lager ?

its an ale. I would like to start a lager hence getting the ale out of my ferment chamber :slight_smile:

Unless I’m dry hopping I like to keep my secondary about 32F. The yeast should be done at that point and it’s just for clearing the beer. 50F should be fine. Room temp will work it’s just slower.

is this for an ale and a lager? I had an ale fermenting for 4 weeks at cooler temps but once I transferred it to a keg for secondary/conditioning it has been sitting at room temp.

Lager, ale, it should not matter. The yeast should be done and it’s time to move them out along with some proteins. Colder the better.

I control my ale temps at the low to mid 60’s for about two weeks (or until activity is clearly done) and then bring up to room temps for a week or so. To date I have been racking to secondary for a week or so and then cold crashing for 36-48 hours before kegging.

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