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Fermentation Stopped? Fermentation Temperature Question

I am sure I missed a post about this on here but hopefully, I can get some guidance. I am making the Irish Red Ale kit and followed the instructions as best as possible. Yeast was pitched at 78 degrees (which now I understand is somewhat high) as per the instructions and activity was seen in the airlock within the first 12hours. It has been fermenting for about 5 days between 69-71f but I haven’t seen any activity in the airlock in a couple days or so and I do not see any layer of foam when I peak through the airlock hole in the lid. I did not take a gravity reading initially but now I have a hydrometer and can take one now if needed.

I suppose my questions are:
what should my fermentation temperature be (mainly for brews in the future)?
Should I take a gravity reading now or just wait?
If I do take a reading what level should I be looking for?
How long should I wait before moving forward in the process?

Guess I just want to make sure I have a drinkable batch and make sure the next batches come out better, as I plan to do another ale in a few weeks. Any input is appreciated.


Fermentation temps vary by the yeasts’. Your yeast would like 65*F… You are wanting more malt to shine through…
I’d wait a few more days before sampling… Then about 3 days apart you take hydrometer readings… When they are the same, you should get prepared for packaging…


I assume you used the Nottingham yeast with the kit? It’s temp range is 50-72 so you should be fine on fermentation temp, although it’s towards the top of the range. I typically shoot for mid-upper 60’s and use a swamp cooler to cool it down in the summer and a heating pad to warm it up in the winter if necessary.

Personally, I would wait two weeks after brew day to take a reading. Even though the krausen has dropped, yeasties are still doin work. When you take a sample for a reading, if you want to be sure it’s done, take a sample and then another one three days later. If the numbers are the same, you’re done. Two weeks should be more than enough time, so multiple readings may not be necessary. You should probably see something in the 1.012ish or lower range.



I would agree wait the 2 weeks minimum even if the yeast are done you want them to settle out. It improves the clarity and the taste


Thank you all for the advice. I will try to bring the temp down some and wait a few more days and take a reading to see where it is at. I really appreciate the help.

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Bringing the temp down now is not that important. It is the first few days of fermentation that are the most critical temp wise.


Just took a reading and it’s sitting on 1.008. I’m assuming Itd take some extra stuff to find the ABV without the OG? But color looks great and smells good too. Last question is should I transfer into a second fermenter or let it rest for a while longer as it is.

Thanks for all yalls help.

If it’s exact and you know the volume into the fermenter it’s pretty easy to figure your OG. If you followed the directions to a tee your ABV is 4.73 ABV

Ah to secondary or not… I leave mine in the primary… I don’t transfer (rack) into a secondary… There are some on here that do…
Right now it appears ferment is complete… Let it set at room temp for a week… Then time to package…

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