fermentation question

Hello all, Im new to the forums and to homebrewing in general. i have a question about the fermentation of my cream ale. It seems to have stopped bubbling in the airlock, but have read its wise to let the yeast clean itself up. so should I wait out the rest of my fermentation, or is it safe to say its good to bottle? Any help is appreciated!

I’d give it at least ten days before bottling. Some say two weeks.

I let most of my beers sit about 3 weeks (excluding lagering or big aged beers). That’s the beauty of having multiple fermentors. I’m never in a big rush.

You want to give it about 3 days after reaching final gravity for the yeast to clean up. Just be very sure that you’ve reached your final gravity by taking hydrometer readings a few days apart. A taste of the hydro sample can also indicate the beer needs more time.

Welcome to the forum and a deliciously rewarding hobby!