Fermentation question from first time brewer

I brewed Caribou Slobber yesterday using the NB essential starter kit. The fermentation process has already begun, and it looks like there is leakage and crust on the airlock. I was wondering if this is how it’s supposed to look?

Also, I’m skipping the secondary fermentation since my kit only came with one fermenting bucket. I’m planning to let it ferment for 2-3 weeks, but how exactly should I know when it’s done?

Thanks in advance for your help!

“Thar she blows” looks like you overfilled the bucket of you let the temperature get to high. You’ll be allright though. Put the air lock and cover with some sanitized foil. Then clean up the air lock and sanitize ,refill with sanitizer and stick it back in. You can make a emergency blow off tube if it’s still blowing.

+1 to everything Brew Cat said.

If you don’t have sanitizer to fill the airlock when you’re done cleaning it, any old booze will do.

In another month or two you’ll be enjoying that brew so order the next kit soon…

BTW, that picture just has “Monday” written all over it…