Fermentation question at day 21

Day 22 of the fermentation and I still get a bubble from the airlock every 60-90 sec. Rack and strain it? Or keep waiting? It smells good and tastes great. Strong alcohol flavor. I want to keep it Nigori style, help

As in Nigori sake? Why don’t you make Nigori Sake then?

The only way to be sure of whether a fermentation has finished is to measure the gravity. Airlock bubbles don’t mean much of anything really. If you like the way it tastes/smells, I would just bottle/keg it. Racking a beer off the yeast is useless IMO.

[quote=“Pietro”] Racking a beer off the yeast is useless IMO.[/quote]This is a sake thread Pietro. :wink:

What is a good terminal gravity for this? I suppose a Refractometer is useless at this point?


Sorry to the OP for my confusion…

Not sure about what FG you want for your product, but here is a link to correct refracto readings after fermentation has begun and alcohol is present


until these hit the market that is


Use a finishing hydrometer to get the most accurate reading possible. SMV is a subjective preference, but a terminal gravity of 1.000 is generally a good place to start for any sake. Nigorizake tends to be slightly higher, in the 1.002 - 1.005 range, to counteract the bitterness imparted by the koji particles left behind suspended in the cloudy sake.

Refractometers are useless for sake, with or without correcting for the presence of alcohol, unfortunately. It has to do with there being no OG to compare the FG against and the high amount of suspended rice particles in the solution.

Sake, being made from grain, could be considered a type of beer. :cheers:

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Almost into day 40 of my black rice sake myself. Getting ready to get a gravity reading.