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Fermentation problems

i brewed the warmer extract kit two days ago and pitched the yeast. ( dry shipped with kit ) after
a few hours is was showing signs of good fermentation. the next morning i checked on it and the air lock and bung stopper blew completely off ,foam everywhere i cleaned the assembly and reinstalled it now one day later fermentation seem to almost stopped compleatly … what should i do is this batch a total loss ?

What temp did you ferment at?

And use a blow off tube. Or it may blow off again.

Your fine just start using a blow off tube like Grant said.

i pitched the yeast, @ about 80 f the temp of the room is 70 f , so why such a violent fermentation then it slowed over night ?

That’s too warm, the yeast will work faster when that hot. You’ll be ok you might get some off flavors. Try and pitch in the mid to low 60’s and maintain that temp (beer temp not room temp). You can but the fermenter in a tube off water with some frozen water bottles, put a fan on it and a t shirt over it.

Way too hot.

Even with you got it the 70 room. You were probably actually fermenting it the mid to high seventies.

You will probably have some off flavors from fermenting too warm.

See my signature line for ideas to keep it cool.

thanks for the feedback

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