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Fermentation froze after 1 day.?

I need a little help. I brewed a Bourbon Barrel Porter on Sunday. Pitched 2 packs dry Windsor @ 68 degrees after adding O2. 1.066 OG. I set up with a blow off tube, and after about an 8 hour lag time, I got a healthy fermentation going taking full advantage of the blow off tube. Around 3pm yesterday, everything stopped. I don’t mean a trickle, I mean stopped at 1.030. In a panic, I agitated the 6.5 gallon carboy, added yeast nutrient, and half a pack of Kveik. I added Kveik because I don’t have anymore Windsor, and the vessel temp was now 83 degrees, and I figured the Kveik could handle it. This is my 39th brew under the same conditions. I gave it overnight, and this morning, I have nothing, zip, nada. 1.028 OG. Am I dead? Any imput on what to do would be appreciated!

it dropped 2 pts thats fermentation plus if it was at 83 if thats above the ambient temp another sign of fermentation. Not sure why you think it stopped.

I’m getting my gravity reading from my Tilt. It reads 1.028 - 1.029 @ 79 degrees this morning. Ambient is 76. I assumed it stopped because the activity wasn’t there that i’m used to, and there is no co2 expulsion. Unless it’s REALLY slow, as I haven’t stared at it for an hour straight. Maybe I just got a different ferment that I’m not used to. If it’s ok, did I do any harm by repitching? Thanks!

well at those temperatures your going to get a fast fermentation initial but there is plenty of sugars left that need to be fermented. I used to do porters warm, if thats what you can manage just use the kveik yeast next time.

Thanks Brew Cat, I’ll just keep it going for a couple of weeks and taste it I suppose. Just the first time having something like this happen, so it kinda freaked me out.

Where was your FG with this recipe in the past? You may find that it drops a point every 3 days. So don’t judge too early.

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squeegeethree, first time with this recipe, but I’ve done several big beers. Gravity hasn’t dropped since yesterday, but I’ll give it time.

I agree, time is on your side. Check it again in 3 to 5 days. Some of these big beers do take their time. Especially with a Kveik Yeast you could warm it up a bit.

So adding the Kveik later didn’t screw it up?

No it won’t although it may finish dryer than the Windsor. I find Windsor to finish high anyway

Yeah, sometimes I’ve noticed the Tilt gets crap on it that will mess up the reading. How’s it look? I’d get a hydrometer reading. It’ll be beer!

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It’s been at 1.027 for 5 days, in primary for 7 days. rocked it a little to see if the tilt reading changed. Nope. I think I’ll wait until next Monday when I planned to rack to secondary. I’ll get a hydro reading and of course a taste. I’ve never had a beer finish over 1.015 before, so 1.027 is concerning.

The fact the tilt didn’t change when you rocked it seems weird. Mine bounces around. Maybe yours did too? This is an interesting thread as it seems you ended up with some unfermentables somehow. Very interested to follow this.

Out of curiosity, did you look at your grain bill and mash schedule? Might be clues there.

Windsor is both the fastest and the least attenuative strain available, averaging 60% apparent attenuation, so it was finished. I would have predicted the FG to be about 1.026, so 1.027 is not far off. Adding kveik makes things more complicated. If the kveik does not have an effect, I am also not surprised because the Windsor already ate most of the sugar, and produced alcohol which won’t make the kveik very happy either. It’s most likely all finished. Lesson learned – maybe you just don’t like Windsor. It has its uses, but strong beers is certainly not one of them.

The following table lists average attenuations for many (not all) yeast strains, including the 60% average for Windsor.


Thanks Dave!

Great info, thanks!

WMNoob, the tilt went all over the place when I rocked it, it just settled down to 1.027. I think Dave cleared it up with the attenuation info on Windsor. That puts my ABV around 5% if it holds. Not including the bourbon addition.

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