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Fermentation control


I recently purchased a 30 gallon conical, and im looking into temp controls. It is a food grade plastic conical so there is room for drilling if i must. I guess what im asking is if anyone has an idea of the best way to go about keeping temp on my beer? as well as a good temp control devise at a decent price.
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I know some steel conicals are “jacketed”, which means there is a steel jacket around the conical that they run glycol or coolent around.

You might consider running a massive immersion chiller inside, possible sending glycol through it. I know MullerBrau ferments batches in a 35 gal bucket he uses, but I think he has a fermentation chamber.

I know Auber instruments is a popular company to find temperature controllers.


See my posts in the above thread for a digital temp controller for $30.

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