Fermentation Chamber Build

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share my fermentation chamber build. Here’s part one: The controller

Getting everything together. Of course, no DIY project is doable without a home brew on hand. Here I have a glass of NB Dry Irish Stout :slight_smile:
My original plan was to use an arudino and program it myself. It was just to time consuming though. So I have other plans for it. The conroller I decided on is a Control Products TC-9102D-HV. http://www.controlproductsonline.com/91 … -l-en.html found it on Amazon for $99.

First step was to install the yellow 110V receptacles onto the ends of the power cords for the heat and cool circuits. Then install the box coupler, cord outlets and on/off switch.

Couple of wiring shots:

The finished assembly

Testing. White light is cool, black is heat. I used a glass of ice water to simulate chamber temp.

I’ll post fridge conversion pics after the holidays.

Finally getting around to finishing up this thread :slight_smile:

My old fridge is a Sears kenmore brand. I was able to find complete drawings, schematics and parts list on the Sears web site. So I was 99% sure there were no cooling lines running through the side of the fridge. Just to be safe, I drilled a couple small pilot holes first. I drilled the pilot holes from the inside to locate them exactly where I wanted then drilled the larger holes from the outside.


I got lucky hanging the paint can. The fridge light assembly had a notch in it so I could loop the paint can handle through it.


The next step was to wire up the light bulb and test it.

Then I used some silicon to seal around the holes, pluged everything in to the controller and That was it. Here is the finished product.

One last pic.


Nice build

9102 is the boss! not only do we have it on our ferm, I oversee a dozen of them at work on
all the walk in boxes and freezers! we use a reach in box with an infrared panel for heat mode. never mare than the 3 degree spread we set it at .
NOTE<<< put the probe IN the wort, after all, that is what is generating heat, not a coffee can of water. easy 12 degree diff.