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New brewer here. last saturday I brewed my first extract kit of Caribou Slobber Brown Ale and every thing went nice and smooth no issues. but after about 2 hours in fermentor started seeing almost violent reaction in my fermentor (Note: i did use a yeast starter with danstar windsor ale yeast). well not knowing any better thought it was sweet and normal. well left the house for about 8 hours and when I came home my bung had blown off of my glass carboy. so I set up a blow off hose in to 5 gallon bucket of sanitizer and all seemed ok. that whole night it was just bubbling like crazy is that normal? fast forward two days later the foam had seemed to basicly go away and am onley seeing a bubble come up every so often. do I just leave it in there for the full 2 weeks? and with the Violent reaction is that normal?, and with that reaction will I have funky tasting beer?

questions looking for answers

Perfectly normal.

You can remove the blow-off tube and replace it with an airlock for the rest of the primary fermentation.

Normally you don’t have to use a yeast starter with dry yeast.


does it mean any thing if my krausen has basicly disappeared, and onley a bubble every once in awhile coming thru my air lock?

It means primary ferementation is winding down.

Put an airlock on that bad-boy and leave it alone for the rest of the two-weeks.

Although a blow out can happen any time, it’s likely caused by high fermentation temps. For best results you should try to keep the carboy/pail in the low to mid 60’s during the first 3-5 days

See my signature line for ideas on keeping the temps down.

Nighthawk, I think you like saying that… :stuck_out_tongue:

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