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Fermax yeast nutrient

Did recieve. So products. Yesterday. And one of it yeast nutrient. But this time different brand. Than what i use normally. So my question. On the package. Says. 1 tbs. Per gallon. ??? This seems lots to me. Normally i do use. 1.5 tbs. Per 5.5 gallon. What i do read. Does not matter when you add the yeast nut during boil??? So me stick with. 10 min before end.


I do use fermax nutrient. My bottle says 1-1.5 tsp per gallon. I never add it to wort just must. Maybe your phone bottle is a misprint. Why do you feel you need to add it?

Gee whiz that seems alot… Maybe go to their web site to verify…

Me think i use it. When i use harvested yeast. Do make a starter. Like alkways. But for that. Some thing extra. For the yeast. To do its thing. For fresh yeast. I dont use. Yeast nutrient. Mayby its just a thing makes me feel good.

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Indeed did seem lots to me.

That package says teaspoons

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I use Wyeast Nutrient as cheap insurance on every batch. 1/2 tsp 15 mins before end of boil. As I’ve taken to my new method when starters are necessary of pulling my starter directly from the kettle (I typically add about a half gallon to my target starting volume to allow for this) after 15 mins of boil for sanitization purposes before I begin my boil timer, I don’t bother putting nutrient in the starter.


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