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Ferm cap f up?

Got my first beer going. started fermenting pretty hard after about 12 hours. When i woke up this morning the foam was pretty high. i still had a decent bit of room( 5 gallon batch in 6.5 glass carboy) but it had went way up since went to sleep and wasnt sure if it’d keep goign at that pace. I panicked, was late for work didnt have time to set up blowoff so i poped off air lock and added 10 drops of ferm cap. Minus potential sanitation problem of poppign air lock off for a few seconds should i still be ok? Air lock a still goign pretty much non stop. Jsut worried about my baby lol

Sounds just fine to me. I bet it looks better already. That stuff is magical. :cheers:

It works great, but it also can cause a loss of head retention in the beer in my experience. YMMV, of course.

With c02 pouring out of the neck of the carboy, very hard for anything nasty to get in

haha it really is magical so glad i added it to my cart. my gf was home i had her take a picture and send it to me i was relieved that it had gone way down.

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