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Feels good to be back home (brewing)

We are lucky enough to be able to escape the relentless crappy weather in central NY but I can’t take my brew stuff. Brewed up an IPA, my default “what to brew” and it is fermenting away nicely. Sniffed the airlocks a few hundred times and got a fix.

+1 a good brew solves all problems. Its windy in St. Paul but I needed to try my new turkey fryer setup today :smiley: Anyone else brewing today?


Amen, brothers.

Almost finished cleaning up after a Caribou Slobber (extract) brew day. Letting the brew pot soak in the PBW a little longer.

Italian Sausage is simmering in the crock pot with peppers, onion, and garlic for dinner. And while not the best food pairing, I have Homebrew Honey Ale calling me from the fridge. The Philly suburbs rain seems to have stopped.

At this moment life is good.

Tomorrow is Watermelon Wheat day :cheers: I can’t sympathize enough with brewdays being a great source of comfort.

Yeah brewed a pale ale today. Hit all my numbers and ended the day running lines for my hops.

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