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Feeling silly

Sitting at treehouse. I told a pal he would have to pay me to stand in line for beer. He’s buying lunch. I’ll give him the limit I get

What’s at the end of the line?

12 cans lights on and 8 cans Julius. $70 for 20 beers. Glad it’s not my money.


That’s what happens when you get on best beer lists. We got home and did a tasting mine against theirs and mine held its own . Of course they have resources I don’t but for $70 I can Bree 4 or 5 kegs

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Does it do anything else for that amount of money?

@loopie_beer is spot on :joy: Reminds me of a bow I bought a long time ago. The salesperson looked at the price tag and asked where the -censored- was on it.

I have no doubt your beer as well as others on here can hold their own or even beat 'em. My son and I are only 30+ batches in and the stuff we make has gotten good reviews from some accomplished and knowledgeable beer folks. I have a couple of professionals I know that I’d like to get our beer in front of just as a calibration point. :thinking:

It’s good beer. Comes out to $3.50 a can. I didn’t pay anything. Just went for the ride. My friends daughter goes to UConn and he was bringing her some of her stuff anyway. I got a couple cans, lunch, and a nice souvenir tasting glass.

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