Feedback on my Juniper Rye recipe

It’s that time of year again, RYE BEERS! I was hoping to get some feedback and possible ways to improve my Juniper Rye ale recipe. I’ve brewed this one before, tasted great and received a lot of compliments.

Batch: 5 gallons
OG: 1050
FG: 1013
ABV: ~5%

1.5 lbs Rye malt
0.5 lbs 60L crystal
0.5 lbs 80L crystal
0.5 lbs Vienna
0.25 lbs Wheat malt

3.0 lbs Amber DME
1.0 lbs Wheat DME

1.0 oz Hallertauer (60 mins)
1.0 0z crushed dry Juniper berries (0 min)
~15g Danstar Nottingham yeast

I am wanting to increase the hops and make it more of an IPA, but I don’t want the hops to dominate the spiciness from the rye and juniper. I also want to increase the ABV. I added raspberries to the last batch, but I am thinking about removing them this time (they were kind of last minute). The last batch i used Wyeast 1007, but I had problems last batch. Also, what are some good hops to use with this list?

Thanks in advance for advice.

Any time is rye time! :wink:

I would drop the wheat entirely (the rye adds plenty of character on its own), change the amber DME for light DME, increase the rye to at least 2# (you’re mini-mashing I assume, not just steeping), and use a piney hop like Columbus instead of the Hallertau and add small flameout and dryhop additions (1/2 oz at each would be good). If you want to boost the gravity, you can add another lb of DME.

You would be correct about I am mini-mashing, I left that out. If I remove the Wheat malt, should I also change out the DME wheat, and just use light or extra-light DME?

also, I made a typo about the yeast. It was suppose to read US-05 yeast instead of Nottingham.

That’s what I would do.