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Favorite Saison base malt

Starting my spring and summer beers to brew and every year I brew few batches of Belgian saison. This year i am brewing three batchs all pretty much same recipe but the base malt 1(belgian pale malt) 2(golden promise malt) 3 (belgain pilsner malt) am curious what your favorite base malt is for a Saison

I’ve never brewed saison, but you could use any of those three base malts to good results in a lot of beers.

FWIW Boulevard uses 2-row, malted wheat and flaked corn in Tank 7 and Saison Brett. Ranked number 31 and 7 respectively on ratebeer in the Saison category.

Belgian Pils malt For the Win. I would not use GP in a saison… it comes across as round and sweet, not dry and crisp. I think mixing in a little of the belgian pale malt at a rate of 25-40% might help with the color and character, but nothing wrong with all pils for your base.

They all sound good, but I’d add wheat and rye.

All three recipes have wheat in them, I’m not a big fan of rye though. Ever year i make saison i have just been using german pilsner as base malt and wanted to try one with pale ale malt and golden promise malt to have a little different summer beers around. I May even do a fourth batch with pilsner and little pale malt too and try the flaked or mazed corn in it. You can never have enough beer around the house!!!

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