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Favorite NB kit?

Mine are

  1. Dennys Wry Smile IPA (or something like that its a RyePA)
  2. Breakwater Pale Ale
  3. The Innkeeper

I brewed Bourbon Barrel Porter 2 weeks ago, because my future brother in law asked for it. I’m excited to try it but there’s ALOT of strong flavors in that one, so only time will tell.

Just wanted to see others thoughts.

So many it’s hard to rank
Neighbor Ron, wife, 26 year old Son “Cream Ale”
Neighbor Kurt, his Wife Joanne myself “Caribou Slobber”
Neighbor Ron’s Son-in Laws Age 27 - 35 Anything with a hop bite, and higher alcohol.
Jim Co-worker: Dark, and hoppy.
Niece and Sister Raspberry Wheat.
Dr. A. English Brown Ale.
Friend Craig: anything with no color, no flavor, no aroma. ( Craig’s toast)

37 batches in(only one non-drinkable) and I’m really drawn to the English/ American brown Ales and their flavors and subtle hop bite.

So far - the Surly Cynic. Wow, did THAT turn out right!

American Amber was the kit that I’ve made so far that was unreal how good it was. Second one was the “California Common” kit, really good, might have been better than the reference Anchor Steam.

Bavarian Hefeweizen was incredible right out of the carboy with all of the yeast flavors, it has tamed down a little bit with aging but still a great wheat beer. I now understand why they say to drink the wheat beers when they are fresh, you get the apple, clove, and banana flavors big-time.
Caribou Slobber was good but took a long time to bottle condition, until then the flavors were all over the place.
The Dry Irish Stout had the same flavor as Guinness but a little more rounded. Some stout-loving friends rave about it. Very very true to the style.
Kolsch Kit so far has been very good but nothing that really made it memorable. People that usually drink the macrobrews really love it, has more flavor than the usual watery stuff they drink but not too much for them to try it.

I’ve got The Innkeeper in bottle conditioning/carbing right now and Dawson’s Multigrain Red in the carboy. After that is the St. Paul Porter which looks promising.

I’m quite a fan of NB’s Oktoberfest recipe. That’s a style that can vary in flavor quite a bit, unlike lagers lighter in colour, and I really like where NB’s kit takes the style.


Surly pro series Bitter Brewer
Oatmeal Stout

The Patersbier has become my summer beer. This summer I plan on harvesting and repitching into 3-4 batches each with a different hop variety. My take on a Belgian Smash.

Amber Ale

The only kits I have done more than once are
Amber Ale 5x
Waldo Lake 3x
Dead Ringer3x
Caribou Slobber3x

  1. Caribou Slobber
  2. Evil Twin
  3. Dead Ringer

I have a feeling that in the near future #1 and #2 will have switched.


Wry Smile and Waldo Lake a my faves… :wink:

Black IPA so far is my favorite. Just opened up my simcoe version last night and it is delicious !

Not in any particular order, but these are my favs:
Black cherry stout
Waldo lake



Waldo lake is very drinkable. :slight_smile:

Black IPA for sure. But I just tapped my keg of Lakefront Fixed Gear last night, this one might give the Black IPA a run for it’s money.

My best kits so far:

Dry Dock SS Minnow Mild - So very basic, yet so wonderful
Winter Ale - Great spice profile
Rye Stout - a great stout with a little extra bite

Right there with you, made it once, loved it. Made it again and added .5 oz spalt at around 30 minutes, just to balance out the maltyness a tid bit.

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