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Favorite beer style with Turkey dinner

anyone have a favorite beer to drink during thanksgiving? whats your favorite beer to pair with turkey?

i’m thinking an alt would hit the spot :cheers:

I opened a bottle of Chenin Blanc I made a few years ago. Complemented the turkey perfectly.

I can tell you that my English Mild didn’t fit the bill at all. The chocolate malt just didn’t go well with savory food.

A nice pale ale or bitter works for me. Today it was a homebrewed knockoff of Coniston’s Bluebird Bitter. :cheers:

ive got ninkasi’s seasonal alt and a hair of the dog Adam old world ale

Christmas Ale, just right. Cinnamon, ginger and honey 7.5% ABV that’s what I’m talkin bout!

I was surprised at how well IPA goes with pumpkin pie today. Probably not the ideal Thanksgiving beer though. I’d go for a nut brown, maybe. Or one of the English or Scottish session beers.

Aahhh my Wit twas perfecto with the Turkey, Stuffing and Mashed Taters. Time for 2nds @ 11:30 P.M.!! :cheers:

Personally I find any good malty and/or spicy beer to go well in complementing all of the brown sugar, cinnamon, and other spices. An alt should work, brown ales would be good, I paired Goose Island’s Mild Winter with our dinner.

I had a nut brown and a couple Octoberfest beers with the meal and the after chair. Both were great.


Saison is the winner for me, with a doubt.

We had a bottle of Cuvee Rene Gueze (based on the recommendation from Brewing TV) and that went really well with dinner. Of the 8 adults at dinner, only had one person say the gueze was “not their thing”.

It seems no one can agree. :slight_smile: I suppose the choice should be the best beer you have available.

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