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Favorite American Wheat Recipe

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone out there has a favorite summer time wheat beer recipe they would care to share. Last summer I made NB’s American Wheat (50/50 wheat and 2 row plus some willamette and cascade hops), which was nice. I still have a good bit of Rahr 2 row in the basement that I’d like to use in the recipe, but aside from this am looking to do something new and interesting. I’m one who likes to plan his beer recipes several months ahead and will be heading up to NB’s Minneapolis location next week to stock up for the remainder of this wheat recipe as well as a few others. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Have you ever had Three Floyd’s Gumballhead? I made a clone of that a few years back and it turned out simply awesome, and that was before I had temp control (and actually, oddly for a wheat, aged REALLY well! Found a bottle in my friends fridge 12 months after brewing!). Snoop around and find that one. Its all Amarillo IIRC, but if you like aromatic hops and a clean wheat, its a great recipe (I believe the clone I found was either on or HBT).

Thanks, Pietro, this is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I haven’t tried this beer, but know of a store in the area that carries Three Floyd’s beers and will swing by to see if I can pick up a sixer this weekend.

I’m new to brewing but like to live on the edge. I’m planning NB American wheat for next weekend brew. I’m planning to add NB cherry puree to it. I’m hoping for a nice clean cherry wheat in the end. I’m either gonna add it at flame out or in the primary. (Depends on how strong it seems) :cheers:

I just kicked a keg of this.

4 lbs wheat malt
5 lbs Vienna malt
2 lbs flaked wheat
.5 lbs 60* crystal

1.5 oz Hersbruker 4.4% @ 60 min

1 oz Select 4.4% @ 5 min

Wyeast 3068

Not an American Wheat, but pretty tasty. :cheers:


Last night I sampled the Gumballhead clone that Pietro suggested back in February (thanks again, Pietro!) and I have to say that I couldn’t be happier with it. This was my first time brewing with Amarillo and I can’t believe the amount of citrus punch that this hop delivers. For anyone looking around for a light, flavorful summertime wheat beer, you might give this recipe a whirl:

5 lb. 2 Row
4 lb. Red Wheat
1 lb. Caravienne

.25 oz. Amarillo - FWH
.25 oz. Amarillo - 60 min.
.75 oz. Amarillo - 15 min.
.5 oz. Amarillo - 5 min.

Wyeast 1010 - American Wheat

Mash @153 for 60 min.

Glad it worked out! That’s a great beer. Though I have to say, I’ve never had the real one (way overdue for a Chicago trip).

I am a little gunshy to make another wheat, as my last Am Wheat was my first ever band-aid beer. I did use oldish S-05 with a new starter, but apparently wheat malt has a higher concentration of a particular acid that can lead to 4-ethylphenol (band-aid/medicinal) if not campdenized (which I now do on every brew).

However, I would like to try this beer again, maybe with S-05/Chico. Do you find that the Am Wheat yeast is a bit tart/tangy? Not a bad thing, it actually may be what makes the beer what it is.


Pietro - Sorry to hear about your last wheat beer. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought that Wyeast’s American Wheat yeast had a tart character about it. I’ve used it in other milder wheat beers with good results, but, as you mentioned, in this particular recipe that profile would blend in nicely.


Does the red wheat add any particular character to the grain bill different from other malted wheat? I have typically used white wheat.

I do find that I like the slight tart kick to the wyeast amer wheat.

[quote=“Steeler D”]Does the red wheat add any particular character to the grain bill different from other malted wheat? I have typically used white wheat.

I do find that I like the slight tart kick to the wyeast amer wheat.[/quote]
Per NB’s website:

“3-3.5° L. This American wheat malt is made from hard red winter wheat and has a slightly fuller, richer taste than normal wheat malt.”

I can’t say that I noticed a lot of difference between the red and white wheat (this was the first time I’ve used red), but am guessing that the prominence of the Amarillo hops in this recipe could have masked any difference.

Just bottled this today. I call it “630” in reference to Goose Island’s “312”.
I like my area code (and beer) better.

630 SUBurban Wheat Ale
by harpdog on 5/15/2013
Recipe Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5.5 Gallon(s)
Boil Size: 6.8 Gallon(s)
Boil Time: 60 min

My answer to the hipster Goose Island (may they rest in peace) 312 Urban Wheat Ale

5 lbs 2-Row Malt
5 lbs Wheat Malt
Mash 150 degrees for 60 minutes, batch sparge after 170 for 10 minutes

0.50 Centennial Pellet Boil 60 minutes
0.50 Centennial Pellet Boil 20 minutes
1.00 Centennial Pellet Boil 10 minutes
1.00 Centennial Pellet Boil 0 minutes

Wyeast German Wheat 3333

Since I wanted to use the yeast cake, I tried a quick extract batch today using Briess Bavarian Wheat LME (2 x 3.3 lb) with the same hop schedule.

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