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Faulty regulator?

I have a dual gauge regulator run to a 3 way manifold with only one keg hooked up presently. I am trying to dispense at 8 psi. My problem is that I cannot seem to get the regulator to hold that pressure- it creeps up to 15-20 psi overnight. I have adjusted the pressure down so far that the adjustment knob feels loose in the regulator. In addition when I check the keg pressure (and find it in that 15-20 psi range) I pull the prv on the keg to depressure it. My gas pressure will drop to 0 psi. When I release the prv I don’t hear gas rushing into the keg- the gauge will read 0 psi for at least several minutes. When I check it several hours later it will have crept up to that 15-20 psi range.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Are you sure that your beer is not simply just overcarbonated?

If it is overcarbonated, you can confirm this by releasing all pressue, letting it sit overnight DISCONNECTED, and then hooking the regulator back up the next day. If the dial jumps back up to roughly the same pressue, you have excess volumes of CO2 in the beer that you need to release. Unfortunately, a regulator will not do this for you…and if you have a full keg, you’ll have a much more difficult time getting it back down than if the keg was 1/2 empty already.

If your pressure is slowly increasing and your adjusting screw on the regulator is all the way out you have a bad regulator. I had the same problem. No matter where I set my regulator the pressure would slowly drift upward. I finally replaced it.

I agree that it’s either:

A) your beer’s actually carbonated to 15-20psi


B) you have a bad regulator

Do you have a pressure gage that you can check the beer pressure with? If not, try hooking up to an empty keg overnight.

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