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Faucets........flow control or not?

I am looking at a kegerator …again. Thinking I will prob want the ability to serve two different kegs. Some options include perlick faucets with or without flow control. What benefit or convenience would flow control give me ?

Thank you !


I got the flow-control perlicks as part of a package. I’m not sure I’m using them correctly but they let you fine tune the pour speed. From what I’ve seen though, if the pressure is too high to begin with, they may actually make more foam.

Thanks jmck, the faucets seem to have good reviews. I guess you can also use the flow controls to shut them off completely in case some one could knock into them by accident.

I got flow control on my Perlick’s and love the feature. In case I accidentally overcarb a beer, turn the pour down a bit, problem solved until I bleed it down. Also, makes bottling off the tap a breeze. No more fiddling with the CO2 Gauge and bleeding down the keg, simply turn the flow down to next to nothing then slowly turn back up to trickle the beer into the bottle. In short, I find them very useful. :innocent:



That is what I was hoping to hear :slight_smile: sounds like money well spent to me.

Thanks! I just need to save up some serious cash for the kegerator now.

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