Father's Day brewing

Happy Father’s Day to all in the fathers club. Brewing today a Pilsner and a Patsbier what else.

I did two batches B2B yesterday. A Czech Pilsner and a Pre-Prohibition Lager. I hope my kids remember it’s Fathers Day. :smiley:

Just got done pitching a Kolsch. Thought about brewing again tomorrow but don’t have the starter/yeast ready…

I’ll be giving special Father’s Day tour at Oakshire in Eugene.


No brewing this weekend for me. Possibly later next week. Will definitely sample some past batches today and maybe take a boat ride tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

chillin’ by the pool with a cold one…all day if i can pull it off…

I finally bottled my Helles…no brewing this weekend though.

Had a couple buddies over yesterday to check out a brew session…did an all-grain citra pale ale. They were amazed with the whole process and have much more respect when they pull a pint from the keezer. Figured I would get the brew done Saturday so I would be available today for whatever the family may have planned.


Getting ready to brew my house APA right now…

Just pitched the yeast into NBs Velvet Rooster.

Went golfing so didn’t have time to brew a new batch but I did transfer a batch. I had a Belgian style where I added a single dried Scorpion pepper to the brew with 30 minutes left. I have five gallons of hot sauce now! To salvage it, I boiled up another gallon of wort to dilute it some and pitted/froze six lbs of cherries. Put them in the six gal carboy and racked over to it. Hopefully they tame it down some.

Spent the day fighting with 25# grain in a 10-gallon mash tun. The stainless braid collapsed during the mash. Looked like I took a pliers to it and crimped it completely flat. Only a trickle of first runnings came out when I opened the valve. I ended up removing almost all of the mash from the tun twice (thought I had it fixed enough the first time), slightly scalding my arm as I removed the crushed braid, rounding it enough to somewhat hold its shape, double sparging, and three hours later start the boil. I think the kids learned some new words. :shock:

These things only seem to happen with a high-gravity batch. I think I’m going to try installing a stainless braid INSIDE of a bazooka tube to keep this from happening in the future. :lol:

No brewing for me on Father’s Day. Instead, I put the finishing touches on a 15 gallon brew cart I built for my son in celebration of his wedding next weekend. Details and pics to follow after the wedding.

Didn’t brew on Father’s Day, just relaxed and had a couple homebrews. Bottled an Alt and a California Common the day before. Brewing Oktoberfest this coming weekend.

I also didn’t brew on Father’s Day, but I put together a new mash tun thanks to a gift from the kiddos! :cheers: