FastFerment Conical Fermenter

Does anyone use the FastFerment Fermenter? I just put Dead Ringer in it, and there is a lot of sediment at the bottom, more than two collection balls worth. Any suggestions?

Did you pitch yet? If not, dump it.

I did pitch it, so I’m sadly stuck with it. It seems like this fermenter is not the best choice for sediment heavy beers.

Really shouldn’t matter much. If you saved yeast you’ll have more trub in it. But other than that it doesn’t cause any off flavors or problems.

I suppose you could let it sit for a few hours, let trub settle, empty the sediment, then pitch… Now it seems to be a bit better of a vessel… Sneezles61

That’s exactly what I do with highly hopped beers. Let it settle then dump the butterfly valve.

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Does anyone know why the conical is so big? My 6.5 gal bucket is big enough so why make a 7+?

It’s designed for both wine and beer. Also, there is no blow off valve, so there has to be enough room for expansion.

Thanks for the above advice on the high sediment beers. I’m thinking of racking the IPA in the FastFerment to a big mouth bubbler for secondary and the moving my IIPA from primary into the FastFerment. There are two large dry hoppings, so the hop sediment should settle into the collection ball, making the racking to bottles a little cleaner. After that, I have some low sediment beers to brew.

I don’t have a conical, but excessive trub shouldn’t be an issue.

A while back I brewed 10 gals of faux pils and fermented in two carboys. One carboy got the bulk of the trub.
After cold crashing and kegging, I couldn’t see or taste any difference.