Fast pitch

Any input on water that is used with fast pitch? I’ve heard some say they use tap water. Would I be better off using distilled or spring water? My tap water is decent for brewing. If I use tap water, should I treat it with campden first?



I used distilled and it turned out fine. Fast Pitch definitely simplifies the starter making process.

I did my first t AG batches this past weekend.

I used liquid yeast and one can f fast pitch and one can of water. made it up the evening before I brewed.

Does that seem adequate? Both batches are bubbling at an average rate. in a water bath at around 63 degrees. (my free fridge didn’t work lol)

Congratulations on the first AG! You are now officially hooked! I know I was.

That’s a 1 liter starter that should be fine. You can google “yeast pitch rate calculators”, plug in the recipe info and they will compute the starter size for you in the future.


The folks at the Minneapolis retail location said tap water is fine. I’ve made four starters now using Fast Pitch mixed with tap water and they turned out great. High krausen within 24 hours for the two 1 liter starter and within 36 hours for the two 2 liter starters I’ve done so far.

I ended up using tap water for my two liter starter and it worked great. Left starter on stir plate for 36 hours and cold crashed for 24. Decanted and pitched and had activity in about 6 hours in 68* wort(Saison). For me, the fast pitch is worth the money. Starter was quick, easy, and effective.



I just used fast pitch and forgot to add the water and now I have the most aggressive fermentation ever.