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Fast Pitch with dry yeast

I have just recently started brewing again. I have only done extract kits with dry yeast so far and this is what I will brew next weekend. I ordered 4 cans of fast pitch and want to give it a try but don’t really know if I will get any benefit from it with dry yeast. My plan is to pour it into a half gallon milk jug and delute then add yeast and work it for a day or so. My question is would I see any benefit or should I just save the fast pitch for sometime that I brew with a liquid yeast. Thanks

It depends on the yeast and the gravity of the beer. Most dry yeast will work fine in a not really strong beer. That said, a starter is never a bad idea IMHO. I have used fast pitch and find it is a kind of expensive but very handy way to make a starter.

Tell us what kit you are using and the yeast and we will be happy to help out.

Just making the average IPA. Chinook and Dead Ringer. I want to try some of the bigger bears in the near future though.

Dry yeast is primed to go as is, and making a starter is not helpful. Here is a discussion on dry yeast/ starter or not. @loopie_beer often waxed eloquent (more eloquent than I ) on this topic… Describe Building a Yeast Starter For Dry Yeast? | Community | BeerAdvocate

I would keep Fast pitch. For when you are using. Liquid yeast. With dry yeast. Just make a slurry. Few hours before pitching. And add this to your wort. But on the end its up to you if you want to make a yeast starter. Or not.

Thanks. I will probably just rehydrate and try that. Thanks again

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