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Fast pitch explosion, need help!

Okay, so I am just getting into homebrew, and made probably a noob mistake, and now I need advice. I researched the shit out of this, and wanted to try all grain brewing. Bought the stuff, got it all ready, and started yesterday on my adventure. Before I started anything, I decided to use my fast pitch and get my yeast starter going. It was a 10 gallon batch, so I figured 2 cans of fast pitch, and 2 packets of Mangrove Jack M44 dry yeast (what the recipient called for).

So I did everything like I have before with one can, but I only have 1 1000mL flask. So I sanitized a 2qt drink container (never used), dumped two cans in, dumped 2 cans of water in, poured the yeast in, and gave it a shake. Great, working well so far.

This container has a screw on too, with a pop top thing that goes over the opening. About an hour into it, I noticed it was bulging, and I piped the top to relive the pressure, didn’t think much off it and went on with the brewing process.

A few hours later, it popped it self up again, not a big deal, nothing spilled out, I just closed it again. An hour or so later it’s coming to about that time to pour it in the wort, so I grab the container, relieve the pressure, close the top again, and give it a small shake, don’t know why, just did. This is when all hell started breaking loose. It immetletly popped the top, and sprayed part of the yeast starter all over the basement, slammed my hand over it, and brought it to the sink and let it finish reliving pressure there. At first I thought I might be okay, I didn’t actuallly loose a lot of the started. Maybe a cup worth. But then I started thinking, what if all the yeast was at the top, and that’s what blew right out of the container!?

So my question is, a I screwed?? Do I need to find a way to overnight more yeast and start over? Or is the rest of the starter still okay to use?

Pitch it. Next time just cover the top with foil so the pressure doesn’t build and get a bigger jar or use two. Two dry pack starter is probably an overpitch anyway.

Thanks brew cat, I was brewing for about 8 hours yesterday, and really didn’t want to waste it all by pitching a bad starter.

You don’t really need to make a starter with dry yeast. Use a pitch rate calculator. A lot of times you can just pitch 1 or 2 packs on top or hydrate it for a bigger beer. I use dry a lot and then save some slurry for the next batch.


As I’m adding five gallon batches to my brewing techniques, I’m constantly reminded how much I learn by helping (and watching) experienced brewers brew.

Even if would decide to do this again, you could use two growlers, leaving lotsa head room. And do what Brew Cat says to use foil to cover. Sneezles61

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i’m willing to admit my mistakes, that being one of them for sure. just add it to my list of things i’ll hopefully never do again. i watch at least 2-3 videos a day on home brewing. both extract and all grain. You can never learn enough.

I’ve seen others put an air bung in the top of their flasks before, but i thought it was just to prevent air from getting in, i didn’t think the mixture actually produced anything. :confused:

Oh dear, I found out years ago about this too, and also with head space whilst you ferment. Never had a bottle explode, thank goodness, but a few launched airlockers and a mess to clean up… Sneezles61

I’ve had exploding bottles and all of the above…respect for yeast producing carbon dioxide!


Just to be clear though. You DO want to let oxygen get into a yeast starter. Just cover it loosely so you don’t let other bugs in it. (Microscopic or insect)

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yea, bad new bears :cold_sweat: i now how yeast starter all over my work bench and ceiling :laughing: today is clean up day for sure!

Respectfully, I disagree.

Brewing is a process of often interlocking steps. The proof of the process is in the tasting of the beer.

Recently, my biggest improvements in my five gallon homebrewing process have come by turning off the internet and focusing on a couple of book authors.

Blending beers works for me. Blending brewing processes? not so much.

But, in the end, there are many ways to brew it well.

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I watched a couple vids on mashing and fly sparging before my first brew. Looking back I don’t do any of that anymore. I only read one book “brew like a monk” I just brewed alot and tried different things and took the advice of people on this Forum. I do read articles that come up on my Twitter feed. But watching tuns of video and lots of books doesn’t replace lots o brewing.

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OK, now I;m confused[quote=“smallbatchbrewer, post:13, topic:24053”]
The proof of the process is in the tasting of the beer.

Where the pudding?[quote=“brew_cat, post:14, topic:24053”]
But watching tuns of video and lots of books doesn’t replace lots o brewing.

Mash tuns video? :smile: Clowning on you guys!! Sneezles61

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Tun videos. I tossed that one underhand

Chocolate pudding pie porter?

Im afraid of what i might find if i “google” it :slight_smile:

Porgie - Center Of The Universe Brewing Company - Untappd here you go

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