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Fast lager

have any of you heard of a lager finishing in 2 days? made the beer thursday no activity. friday and saturday very active sunday no activity. room at 55. started at 1.090 checked today at 1.015. tasted its okay but a little chocolaty for a baltic porter. needs lager time to get real smooth.

Yeah, that’s way fast. If the room was at 55F, your fermentation could have been 60F or higher. No good for a lager. You really want to get those ambient temps down under 50F for a lager.

yeah thought about that before hand i used wyeast 2124 with has a higher working temp. accourding to wyeast its good to 68, but i kept it as low as i could.

There is usually a wide gap between what the yeast manufacturers recommend for temp and what makes the best beer. I prefer to run that yeast no higher than 50.

thanks for the advice the only way i have to cool the beer right now is an 8000 btu ac in a tiny room and it will only get down to 55 but i am buying a new fridge next month because my old one only has 1 shelf and i will place that one on the other side of the kitchen and hook up my johnson control and should be able to keep it down to better temps. stuck the thermometer in the beer was at 58.

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