Far Cry 4 "Moonshine Beer" recipe

Was playing Far Cry 4 today and came across a piece of “lore” at one location. It gave the recipe for “moonshine beer”:

9# Kyrat barley
1.5# tiger malt
.5# crystal 60
1 liter honey
“moonshine yeast”

directions: Boil as normal adding hops at 60 minutes.

First time I think I ever found a recipe in a game that you could actually use (maybe).

Never heard of kyrat barley or tiger malt. A quick Google search didn’t return anything feasible for kyrat barley. Tiger malt is a beverage like Malta. Not sure where that “recipe” would take you.

You can substitute 2row for kyrate and munich for tiger. The moonshine is wild yeast so I would use WY3711. no hops are mentioned so use what you have and hop like a saison you like. Should turn out good, let us know :cheers:

Kyrat is, in the game, located in the Himalayas.
Himalayan barley, is actually a real thing. So maybe that’s what they meant?