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Fan and or Humidifier in Keezer

I am building my first Keezer and I am not sure if I need to add a fan for circulation. I am also not sure if I will need a small cordless humidifier. Thanks for all your help in advance.

If you can make a fan work then I would suggest doing it. The fan will assist with the cold air falling and settling. Not sure you would want a humidifer. I would think you would try to limit the amount of moisture.

humidifier, no…dehumidifier, yes…I assume that’s what you meant, many use th eva dry units or damp rid

I don’t have one. I have my temp probe wrapped in one of those ice pack things. It’s sitting on the compressor hump, right in the middle of the temp/air range of the chest freezer. The beer coming out of the tap is pretty close in temp to what the controller says, maybe a couple degrees colder, nothing huge. I don’t get a whole lot of condensation, a little frozen on the bottom, but it’s not building up.
My next kegerator will be a fridge conversion. No temp controller necessary, a freezer compartment for hops, and they look bada$$.

Thanks for all your help. Yes I meant to say DeHumidifier. I think I will get a small fan and try it without the DeHumidifier and see what happens.

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