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False bottom?

I am looking for a false bottom for my mash tun.I have an Igloo. It measures 91/2 inches diameter. Can I use a 9 inches diameter bottom? If not , Where can I get one or does NB have them?

If you can not find the right size. You can use a bazooka tube as well

What is that?

Take a look right here:

Lot’s more out there as well. Good luck and happy brewing!

How about a Cooper tubing manifold? … You live near Duluth Mn. I’ll give you one… for a few brews! Sneezles61

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I think your talking about a 5 gallon cooler? I bought mine from Adventures in Homebrewing, It was around $65 or so for false bottom and hardware. I used it once maybe and decided to go BIAB and never looked back.

Added hyperlink, Woah! looks like price went way up including false bottom it’s around $100. It is listed as 9" though.


Its amazing how much hardware is left over after you try BIAB… Sneezles61

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I had a round cooler that a pizza pan with holes in to to make the crust crisp fit perfectly. I have also made a bazooka screen type gadget with SS screen, CPVC pipe and SS hose clamps. There are some home built options if you like DIY that work and are not expensive.

If you’re going to mash in a cooler the easiest best way is the cheap and easy water supply line setup ala

Then if you decide to go to a bigger vessel you can just use the same breided line or if you go in another direction you haven’t spent much on it.


What I like about the hose braid is that it is infinitly modifiable.


I do have a braided hose. The issue I had in the past was, that it floats when sturrring. I was thinking about adding some brass washers or ss washers around the braided hose to help weigh it down.

You know you could just line your cooler with a brew bag and mash as usual and don’t pull it. I’ve done this with 10 gallon batches.


I have not thought of that. I am going to try that.

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