Extreme weather brewing today

Well, the weather dealt me a surprise this morning. It was not supposed to snow till tonight but it already started here on Long Island. So I am brewing an IPA in the snow. I am modifying an extract kit into sort of a partial mash. I had some rye malt left over from a previous all grain so I am adding it. About a half pound. I am very excited about this brew. That’s what I like about extract brews. I can knock one out quickly and easily and modify it easily.

Anyone else brewing in extreme weather today?

I’m jealous, it didn’t snow any of the days I brewed this winter. Of course we didn’t have the kind of winter you had in the states.

Brewing in the snow is magical, there is nothing quite like standing out there with the wort boiling away and the flakes falling softly around you.

In my mind, the only “extreme” weather for brewing is when it’s windy.

It’s spring here in New Uork so when I say extreme it’s really not too extreme. It’s 32 degrees F and 3 MPH winds with gusts of 8 MPH. And you are correct, it is magical.

This happens to me frequently as I don’t really check the weather and just let it ride. Recently it led to a name change to Snowy Day IPA… so that worked out. It is nice to knock out an extract brew like that. I tend to do more 2.05gal AG test batches on my stove during the winter.

Today was planned for my first brew, it’s 5 degrees F below zero. I may wait until tomorrow.

Snowy day IPA. I like that name. I have not come up with a name for mine yet. I have several in mind. Bottombrew. Will tomorrow be any better? And where are you that it’s 5 degrees on March 28?

I have a rye IPA fermenting right now. I use Amarillo hops. I hope it comes out as good as last year.

Funny you should say that Brew Cat. My kit came with columbus and simcoe, but I had about a half ounce of amarillo leaf hops also left over from a previous project and I am throwing them in as well. Hope this comes out awesome.

Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan 161" snowfall so far this winter.

Had two cold weather brewing days already this year. Hoping that the next one is at least in the 50s!

I am heavily considering for the name of the brew:


Spring Freeze RyePA

I use the Kingpin name for all my beers. Call it my brand. My last name is Fisk. And Kingpin is the alter ego for the Marvel comics character who’s real name is Wilson Fisk. So i have hijacked his name and image for my bottled beers. I figure it’s only infringement if I am selling it.

Please don’t throw anything at me, but even here in Florida the same cold front causing extreme weather for you is affecting, albeit minutely, the brewing process. Got down into the 40’s last night here so it is making doing a diacetyl rest in my garage lagering fridge interesting. :mrgreen:

Here’s a picture of the “brewery”


Wind today made things difficult.

I brewed yesterday, it was snowing, sleet and windy! But I just closed the windows a little more than usual! We are having an easy spring here, so far. I did a brown new castle style, my wife likes that brew so its fermenting for her! Sneezles61 :cheers:

[quote=“in_the_basement”]Here’s a picture of the “brewery”


Have you ever considered using the hot tub as a giant mash tun? Get a bunch of friends over and make 100 gallons at once! :cheers:

[quote=“in_the_basement”]Here’s a picture of the “brewery”


Damn now that is hard core! I raise my mug to you Sir!

Hmmmm, a hot tub mashtun! That sounds like a title for a movie. It’s insulated VERY well. Would likely hold temperature perfectly. I am very surprised that nobody has called me out on the fact that I have a power strip sitting there in a coating of snow and a wire going into the cooling bucket. My wife saw that and commended me on my excellent use of good safety practices.

I noticed that but don’t think its too big of a deal. I would probably do the same thing, admittedly.

It’s not. The strip I ground fault protected as is the outlet on your deck.