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Extreme experimentation

It seems to be maltster dependent. Domestic malts seem to be hotter than continental, so if you used continental pils malt for your saison it probably made more difference than using US pale malt.

Agreed. although even that seems to make less difference than it used to. Anybody else here that’s brewed for 20+ years notice this?

Yes I did. Wyerman

Do you have plans to measure anything (SG, temp, pH, …) along the way? Any thoughts on the yeast to use to ferment it?

Just as an added bit of info to read, I think that brulosophy has this exBEERment for you to read. I agree whole heartedly, try an experiment, see where the trail leads you. I can read alot, yet need to find out fer meself, thinking I will find something noone else knows! I keep gittin fooled… Sneezles61

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