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Extract vs All Grain Wee Heavy

So I made the wife NB’s Wee Heavy Scotch Ale extract recipe. Kegged it up and she absolutely loves it! No brither good in law tasted it and called it a homerun. I’m now going down the AG road and suggested I brew her another keg of The Wee Heavy only AG this time to have waiting in the wings. She made it clear extract was the way I needed to brew it. Obviously I’ll do the extract but wondered if anyone had done both and had any comments on flavor or other differences between the two?

Why does she say extract? You can make the same beer AG. I guess it depends on how you like to brew. I’m an all grain guy never brewed extract so I have a bias.

Well, apparently I did such a good job on that batch that she wants an exact repeat. :laughing:

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Something like that, I’d think AG with a primo high quality malt would be ace over extract. But then again, don’t mess with success…

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I think this calls for a side by side

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I mean this with all due respect, but give the girl what she wants. If you go to all grain and something goes wrong, it’ll be your fault for ever and ever. So save the all grain for something just for you, and that way if it doesn’t come out just right, nobody (but you) will hold it against you. If she wants extract, give her the extract batch. When you’ve mastered all grain, you can impress her all over again.

If you want justification… historic scotch ales (yes, they’d be considered ales :laughing:) have remarkably low attenuation. You’ll come closer to matching real scotch ale with extract than all grain, since extract is less fermentable in general than all grain.

OK, I’m full of BS, but there’s some truth in it! :wink:


Extract is less fermentable?

Yes indeed. Made a extract karma citra. For my wife. She loved it. Now i am doing all grain. But when she wants that beer. Move back to the extract recipi. Important. Because. Few years later. They will bring the isue up again. And we did forget it

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Happy wife, happy life!

I just looked it up. That kit is $50. That’s crazy.

Dang… I haven’t done an extract kit in a few years. I don’t remember them being that expensive…

Yeah did place a order yesterday. Damn stuff becomes expensive. Went looking at kettles. Way expensive.

You buy kits or ala carte?

Ala cart much cheaper. Create my own recipi. But buy a few beer kits. At nb. Its. Dme. Hops. Specialty grains. Cleaning products. Got my yeast from yeast bay. And must say at the brewery got free grains i can mill and take them home. Cost me shipping wise way less money than ordering all my grains in the usa. Did order. Few lbs of cherrie purre and candisugar. As well. To make some belgian beers

I suspect Pork Chop has a corner on this one. But, after you get your chops down with AG, you can tell her AFTER the mash, heres the extract! Sneezles61


Ahhh…intrigue an deception. :male_detective:t2: J/K I agree. Actually with the amount of experience I have it’ll be a crapshoot if it comes out the same with extract.

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