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Extract to AG conversion

I used to brew an Irish red ale I got from Wind River Brewing Co.
It was an extract kit using Munton’s dry yeast (Can’t remember which one ).
It made a delicious beer that I would like to do AG and get the stuff next time I order from NB.
I need some advice since I have never done such a conversion.
Here are the contents:
6# Amber LME
1/8# Roasted Barley
!/8# Special Roast
!/2# Crystal 80L
1 Oz. Galena 60 Min.
1 Oz. Fuggles 10 Min.

What Base malt to use?
What Mash Schedule?
Just mash the steeping grains along with the base malt?
Any other changes needed?
Thanks A lot.

6lbs of LME would equate to about 8lbs of grain. For Amber LME you want to use a mix of Pale malt, C60 and some Munich. I don’t know the exact percentages, but I’d go with something like this:

70% Pale
20% Munich
10% C60

Since you’re already using C80, I may pull that C60 back to 5% and up the Pale and/or Munich.

Mash everything together around 152F for 60min. If you want it a little sweeter, mash around 154F (probably more accurate for the style). I prefer most beers I brew to be a little drier so I’d mash at 150F.

Good luck! :cheers:

PS: This will help when wanted to convert from all grain to extract or vice versa. ... t-extract/

Thanks. If I understand this right I should cut the hops back 20% due to the full wort boil. Right?

You’ll have to plug your recipe into a program and see what it comes up with. There is better hop utilization with full volume boils, but cutting back 20% sounds like a lot. Plug the original recipe into some brewing software and see what IBUs you get form each addition. Then plug in the new recipe with the correct boil volume and work your hops to get the same IBUs from each addition.

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