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Extract or Beans

I want to add a touch of vanilla to a porter I will be brewing. It’s a standard 5 gallon batch, curious when I should add the flavoring to give it a smooth vanilla finish. And if I use extract, how much, when… And if I use beans, same as above my questions are how much & when.

Your input is welcome, thanks!

I’d recommend actual beans. Start with one and after a few days, take a taste and add more if needed. Buy the freshest beans you can find. They should not be dried out. Slice it long ways. Scrape out the insides and then cup up the shell. I’d probably soak it in some vodka for a day or two to sanitize. You won’t need much vodka. Then pour it all in the secondary with your beer. Again, let it sit a few days (3-5) and start tasting. If you want more vanilla, add another bean.

EDIT: When I say scrape out the insides, I don’t mean get ride of it. Add the stuff from the insides along with chopped up shells to some vodka.

Welcome to the forum and stay away from extract flavorings. You won’t like them. Real beans are awesome.

As dobe said scrape the inside of the beans, that dirt-like stuff in the bean is the actual vanilla. The skin of the bean is just the skin, much less flavor there.

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