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Extract Imperial Stout...Kind of High FG?

I brewed the NB Imperial Stout extract kit and transferred it to secondary yesterday. I took a final gravity reading and the beer came in at 1.030 (the OG was 1.086). I used the Wyeast 1728 scottish ale for this beer. Although the yeast did not fully attenuate, the sample I tasted still tasted really good.

I am wondering will letting the beer condition in the secondary for three more months lower the final gravity any?

Also I made the mistake of not initiating a blow off before I left for work because the foam looked far enough away from the airlock; however, it fermented faster than expected and created a slight mess on the basement ceiling. Could loosing some of the foam from bubbling out the fermentor affect the attenuation of the beer?


No it won’t lower it any more what you have is very typical for this beer it is as done as it’s going to get as far as attenuation and FG.

Did you make a starter for this beer next time make one and you might get it down around 1.024 but I’ve made a lot of dark beers and never had good luck getting them to finish low.

Letting it sit for a couple weeks in the secondary should smooth out the beer.

Yeah I did make a starter for this beer, maybe I did not do a big enough starter (I think I did a 2 liter starter). At least the beer tastes great so the flavor is not bad. It helps since it is such a big beer to have a little more sweetness to cut the alcohol taste.

Thanks for the input!

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