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Extra stout recipe?

I really like the Guinness Extra stout brewed in Canada. Anyone brew anything like it and have a recipe? I don’t really care to clone exactly just looking to brew something like it I don’t care for Guinness draught.

Just look at NB’s dry stout recipe, and maybe increase the OG to something like 1.060.

Hmm I thought about that but they taste different to me beyond being stronger. Maybe its the regular carbonation of the extra stout ?

If it is brewed in Canada, which brewer and which province?

The Extra Stout (bottled) found in most parts of Canada would basically be the Export style Guiness found elsewhere.

Quite different from the basic Dry Irish Draft version. Stronger and more sour.

You should be able to find a clone for this beer somewhere pretty easily. ... s-of-stout

Found a link to BYO magazine’s Stout clones.

The Foreign Extra version is at the bottom.

I don’t know, maybe theres some extra chocolate malt in the extra? What specifically are you tasting?

That foreign extra clone looks a lot like the grain bill for a dry stout, just a little bigger.

If you need to add soured beer, that’d be a little tougher to accomplish.

I’m sorry, but I honestly believe the “adding sour beer to make Guinness” thing is a crock of bull. Unless your water is pretty hard to begin with then you’re going to get a noticible acidity from all the roasted grains. I know I need to add some baking soda to my water when I’m brewing porters and such, otherwise I get acidic notes and there is no bite to the roast - which is exactly what you’re shooting for in a dry stout.

You are certainly correct. The Canadian version referenced is most likely brewed by Labatt (it used to be anyway). No way they would spend time souring beer. Maybe the sour flavor is just there because it is made by Labatt :wink:

I’m also sure a lot of the ingredients would be North American. The BYO recipe seems to use NA hops, which could account for some of the variation in flavor.

I agree that they most likely dont waste time souring the beer the traditional way. I do taste I unique tang to the extra stout. I found people saying guinness now adds lactic acid to produce the taste but they were old posts that could be from a confident guesser. I found alot about using acid malt too.

Just to go in a different direction here a bit… what is it about Guiness Draught that you don’t like, and what specifically you do like about the Canadian version of Foreign Extra?

You may just want to try doing a standard dry stout - maybe to a higher ABV, and see where that gets you. Maybe try a higher IBU - say 35/40+.

You will find it has a much more robust flavor to it than Guiness canned Draught.

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