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Extended fermenting?

Brewing a batch of Golden Pilsner 6 lbs. DME 1.5 lbs. cane sugar. It is still actively fermenting going on 8 days!. Never had a batch of anything go that long. Any Ideas?

Are you taking hydrometer readings. If so the same readings for a few days will tell if it’s done. 1.01x would be good for that beer. The sugar will ferment out completely. Sometimes batches seem to “gas off” for a while even though fermentation is done.

What yeast did you use and did you do a starter? Stuff like this will help us figure out what is going on.

Yeast was US-05

Also, I didn’t use a starter but “proofed” the yeast in warm water pitched and hit it with O2.

US-05 should work great and quickly. Was was the fermentation temp?

60 degrees

That much cane sugar will take you down close to, ifn not below 1.000…

I’m guessing that’s a typo cuz…No way. Will be lucky to get an extract down to 1.010.

Doubtful you have significant fermentation still happening. Bubbles in the airlock can mean lots of things. Usually this late in the game it’s due to change in barometric pressure that causes some off-gassing. If you have something that looks like a second krauesen forming then you’ve got issues.

Take a hydrometer reading and see where you are. I’d guess it’s a done using 05.

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