Exsessive trub

I brewed an Arrogant Bastard clone today and I have a huge amount of trub in the bottom of the carboy. I mean allot, about 1 to 1 1/2 gallons, about 5 inches.

I added an extra gallon of water to it due to all the trub as well, hope that does not spoil the brew.

Did I do something wrong?

Did you use pellet hops and not strain them out? That could account for such a large amount of trub. But otherwise, I have no idea. I’ve brewed big beers and at most have 2 inches of trub.

All pellet , but only 3 ounces and I did dump everything into the carboy, I never strain and have never seen this much trub.

How much grain did you use, what kind of yeast and how much of it?

I did the extract version. Is it possible my boil never really boiled out all the DME?

Ok, so I go check out the carboy and it looks like a black and tan beer with a layer in the middle…so what do I do…of course I stir it all up…I guess tomorrow we will see if it really start to ferment. I pitched 2 packs of 1056 in it today…it sure should be eating good with all the trub :slight_smile:

Just leave it alone. When it ferments its going to mix up a whole bunch just from the yeast activity. The more you mess with something, the greater chance of screwing it up.

Cold break maybe?

Break material was my first thought also. Did you do something different for this brew? A really vigorous start to the boil will pull out a lot of hot break, and a really rapid chilling will cause a lot more cold break than a slow chill.

I did not do anything different from the other beers I have done. I did have a boil over this time, which sucked :slight_smile: I don’t recall seeing a hot break, so it must have been a cold break. I did my normal in the sink with ice cool down of the wort.

I had my carboy on the deck with cold water, so maybe that with the warm wort did not like each other. I did mix it for 5 minutes to aerate it.

It does seem to be fermenting just fine and bubbling away…so I will just leave it and when I move to secondary just make sure to leave most of it behind.

It’s processing nicely !

It may be trub but I’ve also seen this stratification of dark vs. light when i throw the yeast in. Either caused by different temperature gradients or different sugar gradients. It all turns out the good in the end.