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Exploding homebrew?

So I had brewed the Scottish Wee Heavy kit from NB, no issues there but now the bottles seem to be exploding from too much carbonation. Im rather confused because I’ve never had this happen before. I used honey as my priming sugar at about 3/4 cup for a 5 gallon batch. The first few bottles were great no issues. Now about 2 months later, they are bursting…any ideas?


Too much priming perhaps

According to the NB priming calc

For 5 gal of Wee Heavy (2.1vol) you need 0.32 cups. So .75 cups was a bit much.
Perhaps the yeast are finally finishing off the sugar.

What was your starting gravity and your finishing gravity for fermentation. If the beer wasn’t completely fermented and you added more fermentables, that could cause bottle bombs.

Did you re-yeast at bottling? If so, did you use the same strain with which you fermented? If you used a different one, and it has a higher alcohol tolerance, it could have picked up fermenting where the other one fell off.

Just a couple thoughts.

if you get the rest of them in a fridge fast maybe you can save a few (assuming they are also not way over carbinated anyway)

Agree that it might have been too much honey. It could be that and/or incomplete fermentation.

I’ve don’t think I’ve ever primed with honey (although I may have tried it and forgot, who knows), but I make mead quite a bit and I’ve always felt that honey ferments slow. Maybe its all in my head but it seems that way to me. Perhaps you over primed, and the earlier bottles hadn’t finished fermenting the extra honey yet? Or perhaps you had uneven carbonation due to inadequate mixing?

In any case, put on same safety glasses and gloves, and then get the caps off those puppies. Dump them in a keg or growler or something. Or just bring some friends over and drink them. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, bottle bombs can be no joke dangerous, CAREFULLY de-lid them before you have more explosions.

It could very well be because it was bottled before fermentation was complete. Or it could be the honey. Using anything other than sugar for priming is a crapshoot because you don’t really know the fermentability of the priming.

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