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Expired PH strips

I’ve been using colorPHast strips to measure my mash Ph. They were always accurate using brunwater and distilled water. At some point they started reading ~0.6 below were the PH was predicted instead of 0.3 like they previously had and are expected to. I recently started using my tap water and adjusting off of a water report. I’m still reading ~0.6 below so I’m pretty sure its just the strips. Its it typical for old strips to read low? I bought them a year or so ago but they were made Jan 2011.

They do have a finite life. It’s probably time for replacement. Try and find someone to share a new pack with since they are relatively expensive and unless you brew very frequently, you won’t use them up in a timely fashion.

I contacted Sanitation Strategies asking for the length of life of the pH Strips, Customer Service (Jennelle Vanderford) responded with “The typical shelf life would be approximately 1-2 years.”


From what I’ve read the consensus opinion is that pH test strips are next to worthless. If you can invest in a decent pH meter you should.

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