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"Expired" Dried Yeast

I’m brewing today with some “expired” dry yeast, about two months past the September expiration. I picked up a bunch of expired yeasts for $1 a packet at our local brew shop. I thought I’d throw in two packets of S33 to make up for any yeast cells killed by expiration.

Has anyone brewed with expired yeast? Any problems? I thought I’d ask. I couldn’t pass up buying these for a buck.

Also, I’ve never brewed with S33 before. What sort of results do you get? I usually brew with S-05.

You may want to proof it with by rehydrating with a little sugar.


I wouldn’t proof it. That would make it go into crabtree effect it won’t grow more yeast.
If it’s just a few months beyond expiration and it has been refrigerated then I would rehydrate as normal.

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