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Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 50 - Purge Your Beer of Boring Malt

Once more it’s feedback - this time some tacos and some Q&A feedback. Do you want to help us transcribe some Q&A? - email us! ( We stop by the pub to talk the dangers of yeast and clean beer lines
and what radical move CAMRA might need to take in the new beer world. In the lab we drop the results of our first Keg Purge experiment - does purging your kegs of homebrew make a detectable difference to our tasters? In the Lounge, Denny sits down with craft maltser (and sponsor of the show), Seth Klann of Mecca Grade Estate Malt. They talk Seth’s
long family connections, the challenges of growing barley and just why would you decide to add the complication of malting on top of it? Find out about liquid nitrogen, barley varieties and the future of craft malt. Then a few questions from the other side of the world, a quick
tip, and Denny gets to Oontz’ing.

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