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Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 27

It’s our 1 year anniversary show! Episode 27 - One Year of Silliness | Experimental Homebrewing

Has it really been one year? Yup - The first episode of Experimental Brewing appeared on November 11th of 2015. The tricky part is we taped that first show at least three times. We wanted to get it right as possible coming out of the gate. We’re still not there yet, but with your help, we can do it! Take our survey, leave us a review on iTunes,etc.

But first, in this episode we revist some of our favorite pieces of the first year of Experimental Brewing. We talk briefly at the pub about some recent news and happenings and then straight into the dream sequences as we revisit the world of data outliers, talk to Lew Bryson about Session Beers, Denny and Drew getting their learning on, talk weird beers with Russell Everett, Saisons, prove we can’t taste anything with Marshall at HomebrewCon and close out with less than laconic Rodger Davis of Faction Brewing. We think we even got all the beeps in place for him this time!

Congrats on one 1 year. Keep up the good work!


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