Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 13

							Episode 13 is up! http://www.experimentalbrew.com/podcast/episode-13-olive-oil-and-black-man

Another episode and this time we’re here with Olive Oil "aeration"results!

the pub, we talk our “plans” for Homebrew Con in Baltimore in June - a
live Q&A, a Troubleshooters Corner, Book Signings and more! We talk
some gluten free barley, a new name for an old country and why some
trademark fights make us sad.

A new room is added to the house as we sit down in the library to discuss the imminent release of Homebrew All-Stars!

to the lab where Marshall joins the guys as they discuss the IGOR’s
results of their Olive Oil vs. No Aeration efforts. Can you use Olive
Oil to cheaply replace aeration?

We go to Dallas where Drew talks
with Barrett Tillman of both Black Man Yeast and Deep Ellum Brewing
Company about his experiences as a brewer, his love of all things sour
and funky and why he decided to start a mini-yeast company.

After that, we’re off to the books as we try and answer more listener questions.

Drew adds a quick tip about immersion circulators and brewing

Lastly, the guys hit the kitchen as Denny offers some sourdough advice and Drew deals with a bunch of nut sacks.