Experimental Brewing Podcast Episode 12 Going Stale


It’s Episode 12 and we’re announcing our next experiment amongst other things! We start with listener feedback - everyone was intrigued by and puzzled by the results of our First Wort Hop experiment. So were we! Also, apparently y’all didn’t mind Drew getting weighty on you for a moment.

At the pub, we talk about how the results of the GC election with lots of teasing that’s not meant to be taken seriously! We announce that we have “plans” for Homebrew Con in Baltimore in June. (Ever wanted to ask us a question live and see if we know the answer? Now’s your chance!) Denny gets to rant and rave at the moon with his latest pet peeve and Drew shares an awesome example of how sometimes the customer isn’t right at all.

We make a quick stop in the brewery to talk about getting your beer can on and how Drew’s club just canned a judge gift beer and Denny talks about his local canner’s efforts with homebrew.

Then to the lab where we dig into every homebrewer’s experience. You go to the homebrew shop full of good intentions, buy some grain and mill it. Then you can’t brew for a month or two - is your grain still good? Oh bother - guess we’ll find out, won’t we? We also talk a little about our experiences with the whole issue.

We go to the Pacific Northwest Homebrewers Conference where Denny interviews Annie Johnson - one of our favorite brewers. Not only has she won two amazing brewing achievements - AHA Homebrewer of the Year and Pilsner Urquell’s Masterhomebrewer, but she manages to keep a playful side to her brewing. Listen and learn! (Including her secret obsession)

After Annie, we hit the books for a couple of questions, including one that really made us do some research to avoid our knee jerk “are you kidding us?” reaction. That was awesome!

Denny drops his quick tip about being a yeast abuser.

And then Denny talks about his soon to be assembled chicken coop and the artisans behind it. Drew then drops two things - Billy Dee is back as Colt 45’s spokesman and Sweden has a phone number. Yup, Sweden. It’s awesome.

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