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Experimental Brewing Episode 40 - The Quality of Transformation

New opening to the show this time through. Let’s see how you like it (let us know!)
In the pub, we stop by and take about brewery charities and one in particular for Denny’s area. We talk about one previous guest’s new “kid” rules and the response, before we tackle the big Wicked news of he week and the really insidious piece that virtually no one is talking about behind the scenes.

We stop in the brewery to talk the latest malt report from our good friend Teri Fahrendorf and Denny reminisces about the good old cow and hog reports of his youth.

In the lab, we announce our latest experiment - the IGORs are taking a stab at the Brulosophy gang’s Biotransformation ale - aka can you tell a difference between a beer dry hopped at high krausen and one dry hopped in secondary. Of course, we’re adding an extra special twist to the whole thing because we’re required to by law. Twist one, testing two
different strains with some IGORs pulling out Wyeast 1318 and some pulling Wyeast 1056. Twist two - we’re going to have some visually blind trials vs visual trials. Woo…

Then in the Lounge, Denny talks to Jessica Davis of the Bruery about what it means to do QA work for a brewery with as many on going projects as they have. It’s seriously interesting to learn what it means to work in the beer world and be tasked with keeping an eye on things.

Finally we tackle questions we can answer. Drop a quick tip on ya and explore just why Drew wants to subject one of his chihuahuas to dangerous acrobatics.

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