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Experimental Brewing episode 25

Second half of the Q&A episode is now ready for your listening and “learning” pleasure!

first, before we dive into your questions, we’re back with your
feedback from the first Q&A episode and some Barley Crop Reports
that we’ve cribbed from our friend Teri Fahrendorf and Denny reports on
his eggs, because they’re expensive!

Then we grabbed a chance to
talk with multiple (no, really, multiple) award-winning homebrewer Joe
Formanek. Normally we’d subject Joe to the whole twenty questions
routine because seriously the man’s impressive, but you can go read his
profile in Homebrew All-Stars until we get back to that. Why the wait?
Because Joe has an interesting new brewing product that he’s helping
spread the word on - Brewtan B. What is Brewtan B? Well, listen to the
episode and find out.

Speaking of finding out - we’re happy to
announce our next experiment - this one is completely focused on
figuring out if Brewtan B does what it says on the tin. (And in that
spirit we’re giving our IGORs some time to have some fun as well)

we get into your questions. For convenience’s sake we’ve divided the
questions into general topic categories. This episode we tackle
Packaging and Philosophy Questions. We even have more “live” callers!

Episode Links:

BrewTan B -
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Experimental Brew Store -

Episode Contents:

00:00:00 Our Sponsors

00:04:34 Feedback

00:14:50 Library

00:21:17 Lounge - Joe Formanek and BrewTan B

00:46:37 The Lab - BrewTan B Experiment

00:50:39 Q&A Part Deux - Packaging Questions

01:32:30 Philosophy Questions

02:21:29 Recap

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