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Experimental Brewing Episode 116 - Non STA1 Saison

As our time apart grows, our chance to explore and brew comes alive. We explore not only the brews and news, but the new as White Labs has unleashed a Non-STA1 Saison blend on the world. Drew talks with Kara Taylor, Head of Laboratory Innovation about STA-1, what has people concerned and how best to play with this new yeast blend!

-Dry hopping cold. Very interesting.
-Non-STA1 Saison yeast. I didn’t even know what that meant util now. As a saison lover this could be a game changer.

  • New Kveik strains teaser
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My current IPA I did the following after reading this article on Scott Janish about cold dry hopping. I cold crashed three days, warmed to 50 degrees, hopped for 2 days and crashed again for 1 then bottled.
So far the results have been great. The aroma and flavors are still bright after almost a month.
But since this is the first data point I will certainly be trying it again.


I crashed to 35 for 3 days, dry hopped for 2 (still at 35), then kegged. Liked the results so well I’m doing the same on another beer right now.

After the podcast I may go colder next time. Thanks

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