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Expected F.G. of Bourbon Barrel Porter?

I just brewed a batch of the bourbon barrel porter recipe last night and got an O.G. of 1.063. Close to the 1.065 on the instructions.

I also did a yeast starter for the 1st time with the Wyeast Scottish Ale yeast and it was fermenting away around 7:00 AM this morning after approximately 10 hours after pitching. Are there any thoughts on what my expected F. G. should be in order to determine how well my starter worked since it was my 1st time making one? Will there be a point that I will know if I didn’t pitch enough yeast to get it where it needs to be?

If its extract I’m going to guess 1.016-1.020. The lower end would be 75% attenuation, you might get slightly less since its extract and quite dark. More nonfermentables in the darker extracts/malts.

That semi what I was expecting. If I did my math correctly, I think my ABV would most likely end up around 5.6% before the bourbon addition in secondary.

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